The COMPLETE Guide On Caring For Betta Fish

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Does it seem like you can never keep your betta alive? No matter what you do, they just seem to die after a few months to a year. Or perhaps, you’re already great at keeping bettas alive but you’re just looking for ways to maximize their lifespan.

Either way, oftentimes the case is that you’ll scour the internet looking for information only to get conflicting advice on how you should care for your betta. If this sounds familiar then you’ve found the right e-book.

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What You Will Learn From The E-Book:

  • Your bettas diet requirements.
  • How to set up the tank to maximize your betta’s health AND happiness.
  • The best decorations and toys for your betta’s safety and entertainment.
  • The most common betta diseases and how to treat them.
  • What bubble nests are, whether you should remove them, and, why your betta may not be making them.
  • The best ways to help your bettas live as long as possible.
  • How to care for females and bettas and prevent fighting.
  • And answers to all of the most frequently asked questions!

The e-book itself contains 96 pages of in-depth information, in an easy-to-read format! So after reading it, you can easily skip back to the information you need!

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The COMPLETE Guide On Caring For Betta Fish

0 ratings
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